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Iowa Author's Fest

September 26, 2015

On September 26, I attended the Iowa Author's Fest in Des Moines, Iowa.  There were tons of authors ready to sell their books, but no one buying books came to the event.  I was very upset and disappointed when I spoke with those hosting the event and they said they didn't do much advertising, because there were so many other festivals held that same day downtown, the hosts believed people would have come.  Fortunately, the event was not a complete loss.  I meet a student at Ames, who is studying to becoming a book cover artist.  I have hired this person to draw my second book cover, and as I wait in anticipation on how the cover will turn out, I am looking at what else I can do to spread the word about my books.  Please send me a message on Facebook, or email me, to let me know about upcoming book signing events around Iowa or Minnesota  that I maybe able to attend this summer.  I will also announce on Facebook and on my website when the release of Angel of Hell Book Two:  Satan's Revenge will be available.


Check out the images from the event!






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