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April 7, 2018

This year's Book Bash in Clear Lake, Iowa was not a disappointment. There were lots of people along with very helpful hosts. If there was a need or problem the wonderful team of volunteers bent over backwards to make sure it was taken care of. I can see this event growing bigger each year.

August 5, 2017

This event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa had many bonuses. We met a lot of new author's and learned a lot of new things. Networking with those associated with the book industry really helps your business grow. It was fortune that my good friend Pam Hildebrand came with me. The trip wasn't too long and the hosts were very friendly. Unfortunately, we had a lot of lookers but not many buyers.

April 29, 2017

It was a privilege to be invited by Book World of Mason City, Ia for the Independent Bookstore Day celebration. I had high hopes that business would be great when I sold a copy right off the bat, before I was finished setting up. It was unfortunate that it would be my only sale. Wished I would have remembered to snap a picture of the buyer.

November 6, 2016

This was an unbelievable event. It was so much fun seeing everyone dressed in costumes and having not just one, but two regional wrestlers buy my book. I am eager to attend more comicons events, for I feel my book fits more in the fantasy atmosphere.

August 16, 2016

This event was not as busy as I had hoped. The sun was warm and there were very few visitor/reader who came. I did get to meet and have a long conversation with a very nice and talent author/musician, Joey Dursky. There was also a wonderful musician at the event.

August 6, 2016

What a wonderful time I had! We had the joy of drinking tasty wine and my cousin Brenda and her boyfriend came to support me.

July 15, 2016

This event took place on July 15, 2016.

I had been very anxious about this event for several months. I was under the impression that I would need a canopy in case it rained, but I could not afford to purchase one. Since the sky was very cloudy and looked like it would pour at any given moment, I decided to just go to the event and bring an umbrella to protect my books. Thankfully, the clouds had parted mostly and I discovered that the majority of...

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