“Becoming a writer has been the best gift our God could have blessed me with. It enables me to express my emotions in a purposeful (and harmless) manner.” – Kellina Kilts

Kellina was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma and reared in Des Moines, Iowa. Her passion for writing did not reveal itself until a good friend convinced her to write about a story she had conveyed to the friend at age 27. As Kellina began to write, the story suddenly took a life of its own and in March of 2014 (seventeen years later) Kellina’s novel Angel of Hell was published.


Kellina attributes Star Wars: Return of the Jedi for stirring her imagination and giving her the basis for her first novel. She delights in how writing has the ability to paint animated pictures in one’s mind, bringing life to her words. She favors the fantasy genre, which allows her the freedom to create her own unique species, make and/or break social taboos, and even invent new languages for her characters to speak.


Other delights Kellina pursues are listening to heavy metal music, playing Sims2, traveling, and making others laugh.

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