Friday Night Live in Mason City

This event took place on July 15, 2016.

I had been very anxious about this event for several months. I was under the impression that I would need a canopy in case it rained, but I could not afford to purchase one. Since the sky was very cloudy and looked like it would pour at any given moment, I decided to just go to the event and bring an umbrella to protect my books. Thankfully, the clouds had parted mostly and I discovered that the majority of the vendors did not have canopies either.

A good friend, Julie Baldwin, and her new husband had visited me at my table. I asked Julie if she would pose for a picture, holding a copy of my book, since she had purchased a copy back at my first author’s event. She informed me that her daughter is currently reading my book and would do a review for me on Amazon when she got the opportunity. Amazon reviews are very important to an author as it increases the promotional opportunities for their book. Have you taken the time to post a review? Please do as your support is invaluable!!!

Check out the photos!


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