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LA Crosse Author's Event

May 14, 2016

The Author For Everyone Event in La Crosse, Wisconsin was a wonderful experience.  I met a few authors, but did not have much time to socialize with them as we had a very nice and steady flow of readers wanting to know about my novel.  I think I have mastered my sales pitch about my novel by the reactions I received at this event.  When I told someone that my novel is about the battle between God and Satan with my main character, Angel, at the centerpiece and how Satan needs her conversion in order to win Heaven's throne, but that she does not know she is his daughter, I receive, "WOW, that is really interesting!" or "WOW, but no, that is not for me."  


I have gotten more of the positive reaction than the other, so I think I am doing much better in explaining the content of my story.  I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Ashlynn Monroe for the invite and I look forward to doing more book signings!!!


Check out the pictures of the event!





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